Packet consists: step-by-step building instruction in pdf format.

Equipment: 1 Lego Education EV3 Core Set (45544).

We offer a variant of a five-minute robotic trolley based on the Lego MINDSTORMS Education EV3 constructor for conducting classes with schoolchildren. We hope it will be useful.

In robotics classes, children perform a variety of tasks using a two—motor trolley – riding along the line, capturing and transporting objects, overcoming obstacles, precise movement. Strict requirements are imposed on the trolley. Very important is the speed of assembly. The standard instruction of the EV3 drive platform, which is located in the Lego Education EV3 software, has too many details and is collected by students for a long time.

In order to have time to do all the tasks, children must assemble a basic cart in a few minutes. On the web, you can find different versions of such “five-minute” robots. In addition to the speed of assembly, strict restrictions are imposed on it — parts from only one box, a robust design, the ability to install sensors for driving along the line and grips for cans or cubes.

  • size with installed gripper and sensors – no more than 25x25x25 cm;
  • the parts of one set of LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 are used;
  • passes the obstacle “Hill” up to 25 degrees due to the low center of mass shifted to the front wheels;
  • modular quick-release mounting of sensors and grippers;
  • the distance between 2 color sensors is adjustable;
  • simple assembly-disassembly with a small number of different types of parts.
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