Packet consists: step-by-step building instruction in pdf format; Spike programs.

Equipment: 1 Lego Education Spike Prime 45678 and an additional black gear wheel with 36 teeth (can be taken from the second set or from Lego EV3).

The lizard from Lego Spike Prime is a simple model for learning the basics of programming. To assemble you will need one additional gear wheel with 36 teeth (the old EV3 kit will do). Gears and twin-engine design allow the model to go forward, backward and turn around on the spot, but only on a smooth flat surface. This disadvantage is due to the fact that the legs hang freely like a pendulum and “scratch” on the surface when walking. Any interference leads to a fall.

A distance sensor is used to detect obstacles.

When programming, concepts such as the full and incomplete form of a conditional operator, nested conditions, and a loop are used. The program uses subroutine calls using messages.

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