Packet consists: step-by-step building instruction in pdf format.

Equipment: Lego Education EV3 Core Set (45544).

In the first part, you will assemble the slider-crank mechanism and learn how it works. In the second part, it is necessary to accelerate the reciprocating motion due to the step-up gear and install a pendulum – Kapitsa’s pendulum.

Slider-crank mechanism, arrangement of mechanical parts designed to convert straight-line motion to rotary motion, as in a reciprocating piston engine, or to convert rotary motion to straight-line motion, as in a reciprocating piston pump.

Kapitza’s pendulum or Kapitza pendulum is a rigid pendulum in which the pivot point vibrates in a vertical direction, up and down. It is named after Russian Nobel laureate physicist Pyotr Kapitza (1894-1984), who in 1951 developed a theory which successfully explains some of its unusual properties.

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