Packet consists: step-by-step building instruction in pdf format.

Equipment: 1 Lego Education EV3 Core Set (45544), 1 stationery elastic band, targets for shooting.

In this work, you will assemble a throwing machine (catapult) with a ratchet mechanism.
For target shooting, a lowering gear and the elastic force of a stretched stationery elastic band are used. Several gears are used as a projectile. The ratchet mechanism holds the catapult lever in the lower state until the moment of firing.

Task 1. Shooting at castles.
There are two locks – two baskets. Hit the targets in the fewest attempts. You cannot cross the border.

Task 2. Shooting at archers.
There are three archers – three ping pong balls. It is necessary to hit the enemy in the least number of attempts. You cannot cross the border.

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