Packet consists: step-by-step building instruction in pdf format, program in EV3-G and Scratch (EV3 Classroom) languages with comments.

In this work, you need to build a model of a robot that shoots ping-pong balls. Pieces from Lego Education EV3 Core Set (45544) are used. Since one large motor is used for the ball shooting mechanism, the EV3 rover is single-motor and cannot turn.

For shooting ping-pong balls, the robot has a crank mechanism. This mechanism is driven by one large Lego EV3 motor. The angle of inclination for shooting is adjustable. The main task is to hit the target and return to the base. The task is complicated by the fact that the target can stand at any distance from the start. To go back, we use a rotation angle sensor (encoder).

The program is written in EV3-G and Scratch (EV3 Classroom) and has the necessary comments. Children will reinforce the topic of movement using an ultrasonic sensor and an encoder. In the second task, you need to hit the target attached to the second robot. When hit, the target falls like in biathlon. For this task, you need to write a program yourself.

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