Packet consists: step-by-step building instruction in pdf format; Spike programs.

Equipment: basic set of Lego Education Spike Prime, scissors, paper sheet.

In these practical works, you will need basic knowledge of Spike Prime programming (loops, working with
subprograms, variables and etc.).

In the first practical work, we will assemble a tachometer. A tachometer (from the Greek tachos – “speed” and
metron – “measure”, that is, a measure of speed) is a device for determining the speed of rotation of machine parts
and mechanisms.

In the first practical work, we will assemble an installation with an optical encoder to determine the propeller
speed. Instead of a slotted plate, a propeller will be installed with two groups of Lego bricks – green and yellow.
Yellow color gives more than 90% light reflection, green color absorbs light from the color sensor well.

In the second practical work, we will assemble a table fan. You will need to write a program to display the
motor power on the screen in two-character form (the standard way is to display text as a ticker).

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